April 17 2014

‘Wear It’ and ’3D Consequences’

Despite the excitement about 3D printing, it’s really important to remember that the tech quite simply offers another way of doing things. As more people overcome the hype and begin appreciating the qualities of this disruptive new medium, it’s getting very exciting to see 3D printing sitting very comfortably in a variety of contexts. Away from the ‘new’ and the ‘novelty’, 3D printed work is starting to be interesting for […]


April 16 2014

Designer spotlight: Laura Martinez

There are a few creative individuals making designs with 3D printing that are difficult to forget – and the beautiful work of Laura Martinez stands out as a perfect example. When we first met Laura at 3D Printshow London last year, she handed over her pieces – stunning textile samples – only to decide that they weren’t quite right. Sitting in a quiet corner of the bustling show floor, Laura […]


April 14 2014

Considering the bq Witbox

We took a look at the new bq Witbox – and it’s a real find. Chiefly because it offers innovations you wouldn’t expect from a company that has recently moved into the world of 3D printing after building a reputation as a maker of smartphones, e-readers and tablets. The first thing you’ll notice about the bq Witbox is its design: it’s a fully enclosed printer, meaning it prevents heat leakage […]


3D Hubs London meet up

People often talk about how what we can create with 3D printing is more exciting than the technology itself. Whilst appreciating the technical developments of new printers and materials is certainly integral to the movement, it’s true that seeing the printed results is what inspires the majority of us to realise the technology’s potential. Different printers can print different things. But something that is greatly overlooked throughout the entire 3D […]


April 10 2014

Pringle of Scotland and 3D printing

Whilst we’re all excited about the technology, it’s clear that the hype won’t last forever. Once the excitement has gone, actually integrating the right printed elements produced in the right materials will continue to be the most essential aspect of the industry – and with this in mind, a few forward thinking individuals have begun acquainting themselves with the exciting results of 3D printing. A fantastic example of this can […]

pringle cover

April 4 2014

Ravensbourne College studio visit

Going back to school isn’t normally this fun. Ravensbourne College is situated in Greenwich, London (right next to the O2 arena) and even before you’ve stepped into the main building, it’s clear that there’s something exciting going on. The mosaic exterior, partnered with those distinctive circular windows are only the start of it – or so we discovered when Rob Elford invited us for a tour of the College’s design […]


April 3 2014

Designer Spotlight: Rob Elford

It’s really exciting to see how computational design is not only developing as a discipline, but is also establishing itself as a certified area of study. 3D printed jewellery and fashion designer Rob Elford is a sessional lecturer at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, and it’s brilliant to see how someone with as much experience in working with 3D printing is supporting those wishing to learn more. Elford’s engagement […]

rob cover

Econolyst: The Big 3D Printing Survey 2014

We’re all excited about 3D printing, but what do we actually do with it? What motivates us to use the technology ourselves, and how are the markets and audiences for 3D printing developing? In an attempt to answer these kinds of questions and more, Econolyst have launched the Big 3D Printing Survey for the second year running. Tracking the movement of the industry and recognising its key trends allows for […]


Highlights from #3DPSconf

Check out what you missed as we summarise the inspiring content that was on offer at this week’s Complete 3D Printing Conference at King’s Place in London. The business-focused conference gave guests an accurate consideration of many different sides of the 3D printing industry, alongside some more general explanations of the technology.   This week in the 3D Printshow office, we’ve mostly be talking about last week. Last Tuesday, to […]


March 28 2014

Project Spotlight: Recreus

Desktop 3D printing remains a hugely important area of the industry. However, what’s becoming more and more exciting and relevant are investigations into less rigid, more varied printer filament materials. There is of course, a huge selection of alternatives to traditional filament. However, most of what is used for desktop machines are plastic: either PLA, ABS or HIPsS. All are great materials and can be used to make amazing things […]

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 17.10.29

March 21 2014

The Complete 3D Printing Conference

Tuesday 25th of March will see the first installment of The Complete 3D Printing Conference, taking place in central London. As a separate event from our three-day London 3D Printshow (September, 2014), the conference will offer the best in high-quality 3D print tech content for an exclusive business-orientated audience. Are you: A brand wishing to learn more about the industry and how it will impact manufacturing, supply chains and business […]


March 19 2014

Designer spotlight: Francis Bitonti

Without the creative visions of individual designers or studios, the progression of the 3D printing industry wouldn’t have quite the same excitement. To see the imaginative ways in which 3D printing can be used to make beautiful forms, solve complex problems, or develop established practice is essential to more innovation – on top of being really interesting. Francis Bitonti is one of the most prominent names in the industry when […]


March 13 2014

Exhibitor Spotlight: Ultimaker

For those of you who enjoy 3D printing at home, or have considered buying your own 3D printer, you’ve probably come across Ultimaker. Hailing from the Netherlands, the company works on the basis of open innovation: from the printer itself, to the variety of supporting networks and software, everything about Ultimaker embraces the principle of shared knowledge. The desktop 3D printers sell at a starting price of €995 euros and […]


Digits 2 Widgets studio visit

Despite having been used industrially for many years, the magic of 3D printing has begun to captivate the minds of more designers, makers and consumers around the world. The ability to conjure up solid, useable things by virtually drawing the item and hitting the print button is in many ways a realisation of sci-fi dreams from decades before – and there is no doubt that this dream is sensational for […]


March 11 2014

Ethical 3D printer filament: Protoprint

3D printing is not just a new tech. It’s a new international, economic system, and there are all sorts of different opportunities to be realised. Recognising the possibilities for social change through new technologies often comes as a second thought after the excitement that new tech brings. However, around the world, projects are developing which aim to realise such potential on a variety of levels. Protoprint is a social enterprise […]


The complex legal realm of 3D printing

The sci-fi fantasy of 3D printing may be slightly unrealistic at the moment, but many people are making estimates for the gradual development of changes in market conditions already. There’s no doubt that thinking about the implications of 3D printing’s future is already important: shifting consumer-product relations, as well as challenges of ownership and distribution rights seriously threaten the current systems within which we work. Physical, designed items are beginning […]


March 8 2014

The facts about 4 AXYZ and 3D printing wood

4 AXYZ (pronounced ‘Four Axes) In addition to the standard three dimensions within which to design and produce, the company insists on the importance of the human element – otherwise understood as the organic, natural aspect of their work. Perhaps another way of describing this ethic is that 4AXYZ work closely with organic materials. Recent press surrounding the company states that they have developed a process to actually 3D print wood […]


March 7 2014

Women’s day: ladies in 3D printing

Tomorrow is International Women’s day, so we thought we’d use the excuse to feature some of our favourite women in the 3D printing industry. Women in tech are so often underrepresented, and those inspiring other females to lead amongst an unbalanced demographic certainly deserve celebrated. 3D Printshow’s own Kerry Hogarth illustrates these ideas brilliantly – so let’s identify a few other awesome ladies in the business.   CHERIE STAMM Cherie […]


Art and 3D printing: Illustrating the Immaterial

The environment that we interact with on a daily basis is made up of just as many invisible, immaterial elements as physical objects. Internet data, your tracked run or route to work, sound and CO2 levels, time or any other kind of algorithmic or ambient information surrounds us constantly – and although we cannot see this data, there are certainly many ways in which it can be illustrated. The digital […]


Autodesk Meshmixer: updated

Endless amounts of press discuss how 3D print technology gives anyone the power to make anything. It’s an exciting movement, and there’s no doubt that such a proposition is true in many ways – but in reality, we’re faced with a number of challenges before the printing even begins. For those not trained in CAD and virtual design techniques, the software itself can be very difficult to understand. Additionally, even […]


March 4 2014

OpenKnit: not just a sartorial alternative?

The development of printed materials – or indeed machines that can produce ready-to-wear garments, are certainly ideas that have begun to captivate people all over the world. Designers want to engage with the tech to create original pieces; consumers want to know more about how these ideas can become a reality; and we all want to make these improvements happen more quickly. But what if these garment-printing projects can stand […]


Exhibitor spotlight: Fuel3D

3D Printshow’s exhibitor database is huge – and with so many fascinating stories and concepts behind each brand, why wouldn’t we want to share? The 3D printing industry is a technological area rich with innovative strategies, processes and products, and we hope to start some discussion with this new series of exhibitor spotlights on the blog. First up is Fuel3D. With both a UK and a US office, their involvement […]


Project Spotlight: XYZ Workshop & Ultimaker

Walking a 3D printed fashion item down the runway usually involves styling the single piece with other conventional fashion garments. However, one of the looks that we showed at the 3D Printshow: INSPIRE live fashion event in New York was entirely 3D printed – on a desktop 3D printer, no less. Australian design team XYZ Workshop are bringing the dream of home printed haute-couture that bit closer. Considering the movement […]


February 25 2014

3D Printshow NYC: Seminars

In addition to the packed show floor and feature spaces at 3D Printshow New York, we were pleased to present an incredible workshop and seminars line-up. Two rooms, Cone and Sphere, hosted a range of fascinating presentations ranging from business, IP, arts, and even medical applications for 3D printing, and the topics covered certainly seemed to satisfy those who visited the show. For those of you that couldn’t make it, […]


3D Printshow NYC: CREATE cancellation

For any of you looking for content or follow-up from 3D Printshow New York’s CREATE event (which was scheduled for Thursday 13th February), prepare to be as disappointed as we are. As a result of another ill-timed round of the polar vortex (which has been plaguing the New York all winter) CREATE had to be cancelled due to the snow. The city was once again brought to standstill, as sidewalks […]


February 21 2014

Designer Spotlight: MONAD Studio

Consisting of Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg, MONAD Studio is a Florida-based design research practice with focus on spatial perception related to rhythmic effect. From landscape to installations and product design, urban planning and buildings, their work formally explores contemporary architectural issues. The juxtaposition between computational design and the physical experience of architecture exists as an exploratory theme in their work, and most recently, they exhibited at 3D Printshow New […]


February 20 2014

Designer spotlight: ThreeForm

As the main performance to open the 3D Printshow: INSPIRE live fashion event in New York last week, five gymnasts from the Purple Knights gymnastics team performed a piece wearing unique 3D printed designs – that were created for each of them based on their body scans. This dynamic segment to the show was incredibly impressive – but who created their 3D printed pieces, and why? By emphasizing designs that […]


3D Printshow NYC: Art Gallery

Many people have problems coming to terms with accepting much of what is labelled ‘3D Printed Art’ as art. There seems to be many complicated reasons for the objections – all of which illustrate serious changes and developments in art (historical) vocabulary and terms of concept. Notions of objecthood, craft, replication and skill all seem to be questioned by the introduction of a creative application of 3D print technology – […]


February 19 2014

3D Printshow NYC: INSPIRE

After months of emailing an international array of contributors, countless production meetings, and a lot of hard work, 3D Printshow: INSPIRE went off in New York City on Wednesday 12th February – and it was awesome. After a few last-minute castings at 3D Printshow’s New York HQ, as well as a call-out to some local fashion schools for backstage volunteers, we arrived at the venue (incredibly early), ready to build the […]


Project Spotlight: Print Green

Options for what can made via 3D printing are endless – but become even more varied when the printed material itself is experimented with. This is exactly what students of the Faculty of Education Maribor, Department of Fine Arts (Maja Petek, Tina Zidanšek, Urška Skaza, Danica Rženičnik, Simon Tržan and Nina Jeza) have done with their project Print Green: instead of printing molten plastic, their printer uses a mixture of […]


February 9 2014

Road to New York

For any exhibition of a similar size and scope to 3D Printshow, three events in three months is a lot of work – especially since each event has taken place in a different country. The response from what we produced in 2013 was so encouraging, that the lead up to 3D Printshow New York 2014 has been incredibly exciting. Having been fuelled by the success that we experienced in London […]

New York pic

February 3 2014

Designer Spotlight: Manuel Vogel

The creative applications of 3D printing illustrate not only some stunning examples of what the technology is capable of, but also offer a new medium for expression. 3D Printshow has worked with some amazing designers, and with this in mind, we’re always interested in developing opportunities to discuss their amazing 3D printed work. The Designer Spotlight on the 3D Printshow blog is a new feature in which we’ll be asking […]


January 26 2014

Cideas 3D Printed 1927 Miller 91 Racecar

The challenge: Build a 40% scale model of the 1927 Miller 91 race car in six weeks. The solution: 3D print the entire thing. Like, every. Single. Bit. And here’s how he did it…..   About Cideas CIDEAS is a full-service additive manufacturing and 3D printing center, offering clients a customised, innovative approach to rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions.  Since 1998, CIDEAS has collaborated with clients to innovate and bring their ideas from […]


Daniel Büning: The Natural Column Project

We can learn a lot from nature. Rather than relying on someone’s creativity or a team’s problem solving, evolution has honed every part of the world around us into the perfect representation of itself. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t last. Daniel Büning is an architect and researcher who combines emerging computational methods, with the utilisation of novel cutting edge manufacturing technology to create digitally informed architectural objects. Working in […]


January 20 2014

Adobe goes 3D Print Compatible!

For as long as I can remember, Adobe has been the benchmark for design software. Yes, I’m sure that there are lots of other platforms and lots of other softwares, but when someone talks about retouching photos, they call it Photoshopping. When your noun becomes a verb, you know you’ve arrived. Well, Adobe arrived many years ago and have stayed at the front of the pack ever since, so it’s […]


January 18 2014

Arts and Fashion in NYC

Encouraging discussion and creative approaches to 3D printing is a pivotal part of what we do at 3D Printshow. The exhibition of 3D printed arts and fashion pieces has always been a brilliant point of access for those who are new to the technology, and we’re looking forward to displaying the works we’ve selected for 3D Printshow 2014. After producing the world’s first catwalk of 3D printed fashion at our […]


January 6 2014

Adobe sponsors 3D Printshow: ARTS

Collaboration and the encouragement of discussion is an integral part of 3D Printshow. With this in mind, we’re very careful about who we work with, but needless to say we’re thrilled to announce that Adobe will be the Arts Sponsor for our New York event next month. The variety of plans for our features only illustrates how much incredible content there is to share in the field of 3D printing, […]


December 28 2013


To celebrate our debut event in the USA, 3D Printshow New York will be kicking off with a fabulous VIP opening evening on Wednesday 12th February at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Although 3D printing has been an available technology for over a decade, the repercussions of it’s application are beginning to be felt internationally, and throughout a wide variety of industries. It’s been a disruptive and fascinating succession of developments – […]

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