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Project Spotlight: XYZ Workshop & Ultimaker

March 4, 2014

Walking a 3D printed fashion item down the runway usually involves styling the single piece with other conventional fashion garments. However, one of the looks that we showed at the 3D Printshow: INSPIRE live fashion event in New York was entirely 3D printed – on a desktop 3D printer, no less. Australian design team XYZ Workshop are bringing the dream of home printed haute-couture that bit closer. Considering the movement […]

3D Printshow NYC: Seminars

February 25, 2014

In addition to the packed show floor and feature spaces at 3D Printshow New York, we were pleased to present an incredible workshop and seminars line-up. Two rooms, Cone and Sphere, hosted a range of fascinating presentations ranging from business, IP, arts, and even medical applications for 3D printing, and the topics covered certainly seemed to satisfy those who visited the show. For those of you that couldn’t make it, […]

3D Printshow NYC: CREATE cancellation

For any of you looking for content or follow-up from 3D Printshow New York’s CREATE event (which was scheduled for Thursday 13th February), prepare to be as disappointed as we are. As a result of another ill-timed round of the polar vortex (which has been plaguing the New York all winter) CREATE had to be cancelled due to the snow. The city was once again brought to standstill, as sidewalks […]

Designer Spotlight: MONAD Studio

February 21, 2014

Consisting of Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg, MONAD Studio is a Florida-based design research practice with focus on spatial perception related to rhythmic effect. From landscape to installations and product design, urban planning and buildings, their work formally explores contemporary architectural issues. The juxtaposition between computational design and the physical experience of architecture exists as an exploratory theme in their work, and most recently, they exhibited at 3D Printshow New […]

Designer spotlight: ThreeForm

February 20, 2014

As the main performance to open the 3D Printshow: INSPIRE live fashion event in New York last week, five gymnasts from the Purple Knights gymnastics team performed a piece wearing unique 3D printed designs – that were created for each of them based on their body scans. This dynamic segment to the show was incredibly impressive – but who created their 3D printed pieces, and why? By emphasizing designs that […]

3D Printshow NYC: Art Gallery

Many people have problems coming to terms with accepting much of what is labelled ‘3D Printed Art’ as art. There seems to be many complicated reasons for the objections – all of which illustrate serious changes and developments in art (historical) vocabulary and terms of concept. Notions of objecthood, craft, replication and skill all seem to be questioned by the introduction of a creative application of 3D print technology – […]

3D Printshow NYC: INSPIRE

February 19, 2014

After months of emailing an international array of contributors, countless production meetings, and a lot of hard work, 3D Printshow: INSPIRE went off in New York City on Wednesday 12th February – and it was awesome. After a few last-minute castings at 3D Printshow’s New York HQ, as well as a call-out to some local fashion schools for backstage volunteers, we arrived at the venue (incredibly early), ready to build the […]

Road to New York

February 9, 2014

For any exhibition of a similar size and scope to 3D Printshow, three events in three months is a lot of work – especially since each event has taken place in a different country. The response from what we produced in 2013 was so encouraging, that the lead up to 3D Printshow New York 2014 has been incredibly exciting. Having been fuelled by the success that we experienced in London […]

Designer Spotlight: Manuel Vogel

February 3, 2014

The creative applications of 3D printing illustrate not only some stunning examples of what the technology is capable of, but also offer a new medium for expression. 3D Printshow has worked with some amazing designers, and with this in mind, we’re always interested in developing opportunities to discuss their amazing 3D printed work. The Designer Spotlight on the 3D Printshow blog is a new feature in which we’ll be asking […]

Cideas 3D Printed 1927 Miller 91 Racecar

January 26, 2014

The challenge: Build a 40% scale model of the 1927 Miller 91 race car in six weeks. The solution: 3D print the entire thing. Like, every. Single. Bit. And here’s how he did it…..   About Cideas CIDEAS is a full-service additive manufacturing and 3D printing center, offering clients a customised, innovative approach to rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions.  Since 1998, CIDEAS has collaborated with clients to innovate and bring their ideas from […]

Daniel Büning: The Natural Column Project

We can learn a lot from nature. Rather than relying on someone’s creativity or a team’s problem solving, evolution has honed every part of the world around us into the perfect representation of itself. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t last. Daniel Büning is an architect and researcher who combines emerging computational methods, with the utilisation of novel cutting edge manufacturing technology to create digitally informed architectural objects. Working in […]

Adobe goes 3D Print Compatible!

January 20, 2014

For as long as I can remember, Adobe has been the benchmark for design software. Yes, I’m sure that there are lots of other platforms and lots of other softwares, but when someone talks about retouching photos, they call it Photoshopping. When your noun becomes a verb, you know you’ve arrived. Well, Adobe arrived many years ago and have stayed at the front of the pack ever since, so it’s […]

Arts and Fashion in NYC

January 18, 2014

Encouraging discussion and creative approaches to 3D printing is a pivotal part of what we do at 3D Printshow. The exhibition of 3D printed arts and fashion pieces has always been a brilliant point of access for those who are new to the technology, and we’re looking forward to displaying the works we’ve selected for 3D Printshow 2014. After producing the world’s first catwalk of 3D printed fashion at our […]

The New York Education Session

January 14, 2014

Since our London and Paris events in November 2013, the 3D Printshow team have been working really hard on the content for our next event: New York. From 12–15 February, we’ll be in the big apple, producing the first US show in our global series of events, and we can’t wait to meet an American audience to talk 3D printing. In particular, we’re looking forward to welcoming a younger group of […]

Here’s to 2014!

January 6, 2014

Today sees New York covered in a blanket of pristine white snow. Meanwhile here in the UK, the 3D Printshow office has been pelted by hailstones – but either way, everyone’s back in the office after the holidays, and we’re speculating what’s going to happen in the coming year. 2014 has already been hailed by many as the year of wearable tech, and by no means are 3D printed garments, […]

3D Printshow: CREATE – Arts & Fashion Hang

Here at 3D Printshow HQ, the amount of interesting Arts and Fashion stories that we keep discovering has led us to make some changes to our content plans in New York next month. In addition to the artist and designer sessions that run across all three days (13, 14, 15 February) in our workshop and seminar timetable, we’ve created a dedicated three-hour evening session called 3D Printshow: CREATE, focusing purely […]

Adobe sponsors 3D Printshow: ARTS

Collaboration and the encouragement of discussion is an integral part of 3D Printshow. With this in mind, we’re very careful about who we work with, but needless to say we’re thrilled to announce that Adobe will be the Arts Sponsor for our New York event next month. The variety of plans for our features only illustrates how much incredible content there is to share in the field of 3D printing, […]


December 28, 2013

To celebrate our debut event in the USA, 3D Printshow New York will be kicking off with a fabulous VIP opening evening on Wednesday 12th February at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Although 3D printing has been an available technology for over a decade, the repercussions of it’s application are beginning to be felt internationally, and throughout a wide variety of industries. It’s been a disruptive and fascinating succession of developments – […]

NYC Elite Business Conference

3D Printshow has always offered an exceptional opportunity for cross-disciplinary networking in addition to the event’s feature spaces. Yet when it comes to dedicated, business-oriented discussion, the necessity for separate content becomes essential – and it is with this in mind that we’re excited to be offering the next edition of our Elite Business Conference, in New York City. Bringing together some of the brightest minds in the 3D printing […]

Reflecting on London & Paris

December 27, 2013

We were absolutely overwhelmed by the success of our 2013 events, both in terms of the amazing content as well as the huge volume of visitors that joined us at both shows. Did you know that over 14, 000 people came to explore 3D Printshow across the three days in London, and around 4, 800 did the same across two days in Paris? What a turn-out! Two stunning venues (The […]

A New Aesthetic

The many tensions between art and technology have only served to fuel the creative developments and risks being taken by contemporary visual artists – and additive manufacture certainly has a part to play in this discourse. In 2013, we created two stunning 3D printed art exhibitions, and once again, we will be curating an collection of 3D printed work from a selection of artists, whose practice involves the consideration of […]

NYC Education Session

The incredible feedback and success of the Education Initiative from our London and Paris 3D Printshow events in 2013 meant only one thing: that we just had to run the project for our 2014 New York show as well. Approximately 2, 700 children across our two events experienced first-hand the benefits and practicalities of 3D print technology, which was a pleasure to see. We’ll be offering the same opportunity to […]

Hospital feature goes stateside

Out of all of our incredible 2013 show features, there was something special about the 3D Printshow Hospital. Guests at the event were completely blown away by the advances that have already been made in the medical sector: from 3D printed prosthetics by Fripp Design & Research, right through to Anthony Atala’s 3D printed organs. The potential for positive (and world-transforming) change is clear, and it’s certainly an area we […]

3D Printshow Global Awards

With so much incredible content coming out of the 3D printing industry on a daily basis, we decided it was about time to officially recognize the amazing achievements being made around the world. The 3D Printshow Global Awards (which will occur annually at 3D Printshow London) took place on Thursday 7th November – the evening of the first day of 3D Printshow London – and brought together industry companies and […]

Supporting Schools

Call us crazy – but we decided to welcome almost 2,700 school children to our London and Paris events last month. It’s clear that even over the last year, the developments in 3D print technology have been remarkable. 3D Printshow exhibited some of the most exciting ideas across various fields of interest and disciplines happening now, but it’s the school children of today who’ll be creating the life-changing 3D print […]

Road to New York

It’s been a few weeks since our November 2013 events, and the whole team at 3D Printshow HQ are really excited to be cracking on with the planning for our New York show (February 13 – 15). We’ve been overwhelmed by the incredible response from visitors, exhibitors and contributors after 3D Printshow London  and 3D Printshow Paris, and the success of our events has only made us more enthusiastic about […]

3D Printmag for Android!

September 17, 2013

You spoke, we listened! 3D Printmag Issue 2 is available IN ADVANCE for Android devices. Featuring interviews with Matthew Plummer Fernandez, Jason Lopes (legacy Effects) Andrew Dent (Faberdashery) and much more! Enjoy! http://goo.gl/IUji9A (PS – The iPad version is coming later this week – ios 7 compatible too

Free 3D Printers for schools!

June 22, 2013

3D Printshow are supporting the growth and education of young people across the UK, Europe and the USA by reserving an entire morning at each show exclusively for schools. The 3D Printshow Education Session (London: Fri 8th Nov) (Paris: Fri 15th), (NYC: date tbc) features content developed specifically to engage and stimulate young minds. Along with the amazing future-tech on display, it’s packed with an incredible lineup of interactive workshops, with topics […]

3D Printshow Goes Global!

Promising to showcase all of the newest and most exciting developments in 3D Printing, the world’s most talked about future-technology, 3D Printshow, is proud to announce three new events: 3D Printshow London 2013 @ The Business Design Centre, Islington,  7-9th Nov 3D Printshow Paris 2013 @ Carrousel Du Louvre, 15-16th Nov 3D Printshow New York 2014 @ Metropolitan Pavilion, 13 – 15th Feb 3D Printshow invites attendees will enjoy live demonstrations, […]

Visiting NYC

March 26, 2013

In April 2013, 3D Printshow went to New York City! We bit into the Big Apple to visit some venues for our 2014 show and soak up the vibe of one of the most exciting cities in the world! If you’re a New Yorker, jump on our Facebook and make some recommendations – we wanna know your favourite places for tech, art, eating, live music and anything else you’d recommend!