Scan & Print Me Voucher


This year 3D Printshow 2013 is giving you a chance to be immortalised as a 3D printed miniature!


Here’s how it works:

  • At this year’s show, you can purchase a voucher to have a full 3D body scan by 3D scanning specialists, QUOD.
  • You can also purchase a voucher to be scanned and proffessionally 3D printed and we will send you the print post show.
  • Once scanned, your exact dimensions (down to .010mm!) will be rendered as a 3D image file.
  • Post-show, this 3D model will be downloadable from You can view, rotate and zoom, manipulating it in your standard web browser (with no extra software needed!) or even upload it to Facebook.
  • If you use design software, you’ll be able to warp, distort, edit and customise yourself.
  • If you use a 3D printer at home or in the workplace, you’ll even be able to use the file to print out a perfect miniature of yourself!

The Scan Voucher bought on its own will get you your very own scanning zone experience and full body 3D digital image. You will also have the opportunity to upgrade your voucher at the show to order a print of yourself.

The downloadable file from the body scanner is a triangulated mesh surface – either a .stl (without colour) or a .obj (with full UV colour map). Both of these are common formats for 3D modelling packages and can go straight into most 3D printers.

The Scan Voucher is £50.00 pre-show and £60.00 onsite at the show.

The Print Me Voucher will get you your very own scanning zone experience and full body 3D digital image and a colour 8″model of yourslef (the image on this page is of Hollly who works for Quod and is a full colour 8″ model).

The Print Me Voucher is £220.00 pre-show / £240.00 at the show. This includes the scan, the model, the 8″ print and the postage. Upon purchasing a voucher, a member of the 3D Printshow team will send your 3D Scanning Zone booking time via email on 1 November.

After the show, we’ll upload your image to a page on the 3D Printshow website, where you will be able to fully view, rotate and zoom your models without the need for any proprietary software.

The technology behind this is WebGL which is currently available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and reportedly on IE11. You will need to have access to these browsers to access your model and image.

Spaces are very limited, so book quickly to avoid disappointment.