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Live Catwalk Show: 02.12.14

3D Printshow:INSPIRE brings to New York City an evening of 3D printed fashion, music and spectacle.

In 2012, we hosted the world’s first ever 3D printed fashion show.

In 2013, the show evolved, mixing fashion, dance and live music at our London and Paris shows.



For New York 2014, we’ve created a new interactive experience, bringing together some of the world’s top fashion designers and artists working in the realm of wearable 3D printed design. Each of our pieces represents the most cutting-edge creative techniques being explored today.

Showcasing the most exciting and progressive designers at the show, our line up includes Francis Bitonti, Bradley Rothernberg, Joshua Harker and Dorry Hsu.

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday 8th January 2014.


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